Why Quinoa Expeditions?

  • 100 % Local Company.

We are a family and local company legally incorporated in the city of Cusco.

  • Buffet Food in the Tour.

Enjoy the Best Chefs in the Mountains.

We include all meals and snacks for every trek until the last lunch (after your tour of Machu Picchu). For your last lunch in Aguas Calientes, or for all train tours, you will have the option to dine at one of the many restaurants in Aguas Calientes village.
All food is prepared from fresh ingredients, that are purchased in the Cusco local market. Everything is transported by the porters, and then prepared by the chef. We do not use any canned or rehydrated food. It is all fresh, healthy and delicious!
Do you have special dietary needs? No problem! We cater to vegetarians, vegans and any food allergies.
How about the water? We take tap water from each campsite and boil it for 15 minutes, so it is safe for you to drink. There is plenty of water provided during each trek, but you will only need to carry enough water to get you to the first lunch stop. You can refill your bottles at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
You will be well fed during any of our Adventure Treks. Food will be provided five times a day, beginning with a big breakfast, a snack, a tremendous lunch, an afternoon tea (happy hour), and finally dinner.
You will be treated like royalty when you’re on the Trail! Please, just in case, bring some coca leaves.

  • Best Equipment.

First line equipment Quinoa Expeditions is dedicated to ensuring that we have the best equipment available such as: Tens, Sleeping Bag, Mats and Walking Sticks etc.

  • Sustainable.

Quinoa Expeditions is an eco-friendly organization with sustainable values. Not only do we clean up after ourselves, but we even have campaigns where our staff cleans up the messes others have left behind. We are dedicated to treating our beautiful Mother Earth, known as “Pachamama” in Peru, with respect and honor in exchange for all the abundance she gives to us.

  • Highly Recomended  on TRIPADVISOR.

The Best Local Direct Tour Operator 100% Cusco Based Company. Treks & Tours Operator Specialists.
Large – Small – Private – Luxury Tours
We Support Sustainable, Responsible & Ethical Tourism.

  • Professional Staff.

Our tour guides are absolutely amazing! They are all from local villages and the surrounding areas. Quechua (the ancient language of the Inca which is still very much alive in Peru) is their first language, with Spanish being their second language. However, they all speak English as their third language. Every single day, they express their passion and enthusiasm for sharing their world with our clients. Our tour guides are constantly being re-trained in first aid and flora and fauna to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date.

  • We Are Committed to LOCAL SOCIAL PROJECTS and Improving Living Conditions for the Children of  Cusco.

We are actively involved in setting up social projects to benefit the local communities through which we trek, such as clothing, food, and education support etc.
Quinoa Expeditions annually is committed to share the spirit of Christmas giving by participating in activities distribute presents, meals and hot chocolate to the children.


  • We are Sustainable Tourism

    Every year, we do a campaign to clean our walking routes and this is how we take care of our environment PACHA MAMA (mother earth).